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Meet Romero Hecho a Mano

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I first met Josefina Romero, the owner and designer behind Romero Hecho a Mano, in Buenos Aires in her showroom in 2018. The moment I walked into her studio, I knew that I wanted to offer her work through Lesetta. I immediately fell in love with her minimalist style and fashion forward use of local Argentine materials.

Before launching “Romero” in 2016, Josefina studied Political Science and was the Editor in Chief of an Argentine feminist magazine. When asked about shifting careers, she said “After having my first child I decided to bring together my skills as a political journalist and my passion for design to create a brand that could honor my country’s cultural heritage.”

"a timeless and conscious style"

She created a brand that, she says “…combines ancestral knowledge with modern design thus creating a timeless and conscious style.” When asked about her use of local materials and technology, she explained that technology does not play a role in her work at all as everything is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen and of traditional techniques. She says, “We work with noble materials such as leather, horn, silver, alpaca and palm tree, all of them carefully done by indigenous hands and professional metalsmiths. Each piece of metalwork is treated with traditional cow and buffalo horn techniques.”

Her handbags and totes, as well as her horn and brass jewelry, have been bestsellers at Lesetta since the beginning. Her leathers are buttery soft, her jewelry is utterly wearable and offers statement pieces that are unexpected due to the nature of their materials and influence of the Argentine culture. These are everyday pieces with a twist. We are always thrilled to offer new unique pieces from this amazing classic yet minimal brand.

These are everyday pieces with a twist.

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