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Found By Lesetta

As we travel the world we often become intrigued by creations influenced by the culture and traditions of different corners of the Earth.  We search for “finds” from these lands to remind us of the diverse beauty that exists beyond our borders.

Lesetta was born to offer exceptional, sophisticated accessories curated from other areas of the globe.  Beautiful things that revel in a worldly influence.


Europe // South America // Mexico

The Jewelry selection at Lesetta is a reflection of our diverse world. Sourced from true master jewelers whose influences come from around the globe. Their creativity and skill are present in everything they produce.


Europe // South America

The inspiration behind Lesetta is that accessories can make an outfit. A gorgeous handmade hat, a luxurious silk scarf, and a soft cashmere wrap are all lovely, stylish choices. We have discovered, with well-made goods, comfort and beauty can go hand in hand.


Europe // South America

A woman’s handbag is a necessary luxury. Obviously, we need them to carry our things. And, Lesetta knows that bags are statement pieces. We believe that they should be made of the finest materials that should last for years. Clutches or tote bags, simple or adorned, a good bag expresses an identity.


FEATURED ARTISAN: Maison Nathalie Blanc
Italy // France

The world of sunglasses has expanded to mirror the world itself.  Whether you like a classic pair that goes with everything, or fashion sunnies that change with every outfit.  Lesetta brings you sunglasses from amazing European designers — each with a rich history of creating beautiful eyewear.  

Our return to Ireland was long anticipated.  Our family had never traveled to the countryside.  We rented a car and headed south by way of Cork to Killarney. We stayed in a fabulous pub and spent several days exploring the charming town and surrounding area including the gorgeous seaside Ring of Kerry drive to Dingle and beyond. 

Copenhagen is one of my new favorite cities.  I have been intrigued by the Danish capital for a long time, of course, Denmark is known for its design, so I was anxious to explore.  it has gorgeous architecture, a rich long history and an amazing food scene. I was surprised by the eclectic nature of the buildings, and the Danes sunbathing and swimming in the canals off of the city streets. Again, Summer in Scandinavia means very short nights, and the locals take advantage of these super-long days.

We arrived in Oslo and began a 10 day exploration of magical Norway.  Oslo is a great town.  I think they have done a great job of combining the older architecture with the new.

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