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Lesetta Travels

Our return to Ireland was long anticipated.  Our family had never traveled to the countryside.  We rented a car and headed south by way of Cork to Killarney. We stayed in a fabulous pub and spent several days exploring the charming town and surrounding area including the gorgeous seaside Ring of Kerry drive to Dingle and beyond. 

Copenhagen is one of my new favorite cities.  I have been intrigued by the Danish capital for a long time, of course, Denmark is known for its design, so I was anxious to explore.  it has gorgeous architecture, a rich long history and an amazing food scene. I was surprised by the eclectic nature of the buildings, and the Danes sunbathing and swimming in the canals off of the city streets. Again, Summer in Scandinavia means very short nights, and the locals take advantage of these super-long days.

We arrived in Oslo and began a 10 day exploration of magical Norway.  Oslo is a great town.  I think they have done a great job of combining the older architecture with the new.
We started in Paris.  Three fabulous days in the City of Lights with my family.  In addition to sights and food, I took a Macaroon baking class with my daughter, met up with my best college friend from the states (lucky), took in the Dior and YSL exhibits (both - a must see), explored the Passages and did some vintage shopping. 
I had the great opportunity to attend the Coaturier in Martina Franca in Puglia (“the heel of the boot”), Italy.  My wonderful friends at Rossorame, who are responsible for the beautiful HER bag, invited me to attend a three-day conference on the fashion of Puglia - the history and the future.  Many don’t know this, but this area of Italy, has a rich and storied history of fashion creation. 
CDMX, which is built on a lakebed, has a fascinating history, gorgeous architecture, an incredible food scene  (full of some of the best restaurants I’ve ever experienced), beautiful green spaces, incredible shopping, and of course, what I was most excited about — many awesome fashion designers.  
Our family has a tradition of traveling during the Christmas holidays. Sometimes it ties in a Lesetta work trip, but mostly, it is just for fun. On December 26, 2019 we ventured to Cartagena and Bogotá, Colombia. Colombia had been in my bucket list for years and especially exotic Cartagena. I had heard of the beauty and history, as well as the cuisines. And, it did not disappoint. The more I researched that part of the world, I learned more and more about the fabulous progressive design scene in Bogotá.
Lesetta was born out of Summer travels with my family. I began gathering intel and searching for independent, passionate artisans in Italy in 2017 and from then on, our trips have included family fun, but also they have been planned around meeting new designers in new areas. 2019 was no different.

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