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Paris | Summer 2022

We started in Paris. Three fabulous days in the City of Lights with my family. In addition to sights and food, I took a Macaroon baking class with my daughter, met up with my best college friend from the states (lucky), took in the Dior and YSL exhibits (both - a must see), explored the Passages and did some vintage shopping. 




I was also able to visit some friends and designers currently included in the Lesetta Collection, and spend a day sourcing with my new friend and fashion consultant, Syra Schenk. Syra is Swiss and has lived in Paris for 15 years. She went to university for fashion and has worked in the industry ever since. In, what has become, my small network of tastemakers, I was introduced to Syra through my friend in Mexico City, Lucia LeClerq (See CDMX Travel Story).  




We began the day visiting with designers from outside of Paris who were kind enough to come to my hotel to show us their work. I look forward to introducing the gorgeous silk Kaftans and scarves from a designer in Lyon and an extremely cool, and well made approachable fine jewelry line designed in Brussels. We continued the day visiting a newly energized, old Parisian candle and scent company called D’Orsay that I will bring to you this Fall, as well as, the stunning jewelry line - Statement. Statement offers “Approachable Bling”. Their unique combinations of diamonds, other precious stones, enamel and rhodium coated SILVER makes this masterfully crafted jewelry line accessible. I especially love their Art Deco creations. Look for these new Collections on Lesetta this Fall ‘22 and Spring/Summer ’23.




As far as offering tips, I revisited some of my favorites from my last trip (see former Paris Blog - Europe 2021). However, here are a few new suggestions:


Maison Fleuret (St. Germain) - this is where we took the macaroon baking class. Located in a precious courtyard, this group also does baguette and croissant making classes. Book in advance. 

Dior Exhibit - I really have never seen anything like it. Buy tickets in advance.

YSL Exhibit - Very different from Dior, but really interesting, none-the-less.

Explore Passages - the architecture and charming shops make a stroll through a few of these a fun visit.


In addition to my past suggestions...

Lilane - we loved this laid back and delicious spot in the 6th.

Lebistro Marbeuf - Great old Parisian bistro near the Dior and YSL exhibits.

Le Grande Colbert - Still an amazing Paris institution.

Vintage Shopping: (per Syra Schenk)

Thanx God I'm a VIP - Love this well curated and thoughtfully laid out vintage store in the Marais. There are a lot of designer pieces and a really helpful and knowledgable staff. 

Chinemachine - Rue des Petites ecuries'

Égérie - rue des Saussaies - vintage Chanel, expensive

Studio W - rue du Pont as chou - iconic pieces, also expensive

Clara Vintage - rue jean pierre Timbaud - funky

Kiliwatch - more classic streetwear.

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