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Meet Woma Hatmakers

Bogotá, Colombia

Woma Hatmakers is a Bogotá based brand that aims to sustain the finest craftsmanship of the country’s traditional artisan practices. Woma is owned and operated by Juliana Granados who began her career in Spain where she earned a degree in Interior Design and then went to work in fashion. When she observed the impact the fashion industry was making on the world it made her rethink her career. She says, “I became increasingly appalled by how environmentally harmful and exploitative fashion is, and began to question why I decided to go into this industry. But soon I realized that I can choose to show up in a way that honors both my values and passion, and it sparked my journey into sustainable and ethical fashion.”

When she decided to launch a hat line, she knew that she wanted to incorporate the natural resources of her native Colombia and work with the indigenous people that had used traditional techniques for centuries. Juliana goes on to explain, “Colombia has a massive variety of natural fibers like jute, cumare, toquilla, mawisa, maguey, etc that are native to different regions. These fibers are then woven by hand or handloom and dyed, and embroidered by artisans. Several of these weavers are part of ethnic groups which have sustained this ancestral knowledge through time. For any designer in today's world, it is inspiring to know these ancient techniques.” All of the materials she uses are local, which decreases the environmental impact, in addition to sustaining the ancient techniques.

"She knew that she wanted to incorporate the natural resources of her native Colombia."

Juliana’s approach to design is rooted in her interest in how they make one feel when they are wearing them. She likes to explore unusual shapes and classic styles. She says, “I have focused very little on trends, I am more interested in people wearing them because they give them joy. People's confidence and posture change when they know they are wearing a cool hat.” We asked Juliana what her overall design philosophy was and she said, “There is beauty in simplicity.” We could not agree more and are thrilled that she has trusted Lesetta with offering Woma Hats in the USA.

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