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Meet RomoHerrera

Taxco, Mexico

We first discovered the magnificent work of RomoHerrera in Mexico City in the Summer of 2021. Their sculptural jewelry made completely by hand was like nothing else we’d seen before. In trying on their large profile rings and earrings we could not believe how lightweight they are and how meticulously they are designed with movement and comfort in mind.

The name RomoHerrera quite literally comes from the marriage of the two names of the founders - Cristina Romo and Eduardo Herrera. Happily married and raising their two children together in the countryside of Mexico, Cristina’s silversmith background and Eduardo’s training as an architect influences all of the jewelry and home goods that they create.

"Local culture and geography have always featured prominently in everything they create."

Cristina is a third generation jewelry maker. She grew up watching her famous grandfather, Antonio Castillo, and mother, Emilia Castillo, create extraordinary pieces of jewelry that were sold at Neiman Marcus and other high-end stores since the 1950s.

When asked what is their inspiration behind their work, they explained that nature and the local culture and geography have always featured prominently in everything they create. Cristina explains, “… being fortunate enough to live in the remote countryside, we are surrounded by Mexican culture, the local architecture, flora and fauna present in our designs, the landscape that changes with every season. But most of all, the local people, their stories, their way of life. They are an inspiration in everything that is done at RomoHerrera.” They have a variety of local materials that they use, from the silver 950 they source from the mine that is located close by to reclaimed wood, a variety of stones, and “ …sometimes insects, anything that crosses our path.”

When asked how technology figures into their designs, they remarked, “Not at all, everything we do, from the design process to the manufacture is 100% by hand. We take pride in having incredibly talented craftsmen on our team and every object we make is slightly different than the next, making them unique and emblazoned with the energy of the person who created it.”

"Everything we do, from the design process to the manufacture is 100% by hand."

We could not be more excited to offer RomoHerrera to the Lesetta Community. Everything they do is in keeping with what we are always looking for in designers. Their skill, support of their community and the sheer beauty of what they produce are exceptional. Their jewelry is versatile and wearable, no matter where you live. These are statement pieces that transform an outfit and help to create personal style. Cristina says, “There is something we find instantly gratifying in bringing beautiful objects into the home, and onto the body. When you are surrounded by beauty and meaningful objects it quite simply transforms your energy and therefore your life.”

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