Basket Bag with Brass Handles - Lesetta
Basket Bag with Brass Handles - Lesetta

Basket Bag with Brass Handles

Romero Hecho a Mano
Buenos Aires // Argentina


This basket bag is created from Circular Palm leaves made in collaboration with QOM indigenous community in the Impenetrable RainForest in Chaco, in northeast Argentina. Every bag is 100% handmade.  Romero offers a contemporary detail of polished brass handles that are carefully designed in their headquarters for an updated style.

Product Details:                             
* Palm Leaf
* Round brass handles
* Handmade in Argentina in collaboration with the QOM indigenous community.
*** Due to the handmade nature of each bag from different community members, each bag varies slightly.
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    Romero is a slow-fashion company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Led by Josefina Romero, they work with the highest quality materials that have their origins in traditional handcrafted goods such as leather, horn, silver, alpaca and palm. All of their pieces are carefully handcrafted by specialized metal smiths, and indigenous communities. Their process combines ancestral knowledge with modern design creating timeless, high-quality, meticulously made fashion bags and accessories.