Palm Leaf Handmade Basket Handbags

Palm Leaf Handmade Basket Handbags

This basket bag is created from Circular Palm trees made in collaboration with QOM indigenous community in the Impenetrable RainForest in Chaco, in northeast Argentina. Every bag is 100% handmade.  Romero offers a contemporary detail of polished brass to the handle that is carefully designed in their headquarters.  These bags are created in an eco-friendly manner as each artisan uses fifteen palm leaves that she/he carefully picks from different palm trees, so as not to kill the plant and damage the forest ecosystem.  The leaves are then dried for around twelve days and finally sewn for around 6 hours. 

Product Details:

  • Palm Leaf
  • Palm leaf with natural dyed Chaguar (natural fiber) decorations.
  • 30 x 10 cm
  • * Handmade in Argentina in collaboration with the QOM indigenous community.
  • * Each bag varies slightly because it is made by different members of the community.