Cognac Vacquità Wallet
Cognac Vacquità Wallet

Cognac Vacquità Wallet

Kenall Handbags
Buenos Aires // Argentina


Kenall is inspired by the exotic Argentine culture and the natural resources of the land. Each piece is stylish and sophisticated for an independent women whose desire is to be unique. Product Details: * Hair on Calf Leather * Horn Zipper Pull * Handmade in Argentina * * Due to the handmade nature of Kenall products, and the use of leather, hide, onyx and horn details, each bag may vary slightly from the photo.
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Years after sharing the international runways as models, designers Gabriela Alemann and Alejandra Crippa started Kenall Handbags in Buenos Aires in 2010. The entrepreneurs have developed a stylish and elegant brand with innovative designs and an Argentine soul. Kenall is inspired by their country’s exotic culture and the natural resources of the land. Every piece is handcrafted in Buenos Aires and is carefully made with the finest Argentine materials such as Napa leather, suede and fur along with the introduction of alpaca, horn, exotic wood and onyx design elements. The philosophy behind each modern design is “for the woman who knows that looking good is not looking like everyone else”.