Caiman River Duster
Caiman River Duster
Caiman River Duster
Caiman River Duster

Caiman River Duster

Mona Swims
Dublin // Ireland


The talented Carla Johnson has done it again. Her beautiful new Uiara Collection is influenced by the Brazilian Amazon. Handmade in Ireland fusing expert craftsmanship and uniquely dramatic prints that offer intricate texture and depth. We love these ultra-wearable silk scarves, sarongs and kimonos in their modern Monochromatic prints.

Product Details:

  • * 100% Silk
  • * Wrap Silhouette, Full length
  • * One Size.
  • * Handmade in Ireland
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The creative force behind MONA SWIMS is Irish print designer Carla Johnson, who, before launching her own brand, worked in London designing prints for the fashion industry all over the world. She infuses her collections with her own unique sense of style and an enticingly dramatic atmosphere, through the eyes of her enigmatic alter ego MONA - a dark siren, borne out of Irish folklore. The result are the ultra-wearable luxurious silk Kimonos, Kaftans, Sarongs and Scarves. Originally created as resort wear, we love to also pair them with street style and wear them around town.