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Mona Swims

Amber Skin Olivia Cape

We are so excited to introduce Mona Swims on Lesetta. Carla Johnson’s beautiful resort wear can be worn over a swimsuit at the beach or over any everyday outfit. The Sunjin Collection is handmade in Ireland fusing intricate print-work, expert craftsmanship and a uniquely dark and surreal aesthetic. Inspired by the beauty of marine life to inform abstract prints - shining fish scales, cool damp sands, iridescent flashes, these ultra-wearable silk scarves are Sophisticated and of an almost monochromatic color palette.

Product Details:
  • 100% Silk
  • Handmade in Ireland

Meet Mona Swims

The creative force behind MONA SWIMS is Irish print designer Carla Johnson, who, before launching her own brand, worked in London designing prints for the fashion industry all over the world. She infuses her collections with her own unique sense of style and an enticingly dramatic atmosphere, through the eyes of her enigmatic alter ego MONA - a dark siren, borne out of Irish folklore. The latest collection SUIJIN, is more influenced than ever by MONA’s mysterious world – a land of icy seas, rough tides, Oceans depths, and dramatic, rugged coastlines. She continues to be inspired by the intricate beauty of marine life to inform vivid, abstract prints - shining fish scales, cool damp sands, iridescent flashes, - all in a Sophisticated ultra-wearable, almost monochromatic colour palette.

About Lesetta

For the love of culture

Traveling from America, more often than not, means arriving in places much older than our hometowns. Lands where original techniques were invented and have been used for centuries. Places where natural beauty and its resources are the design inspiration. The excitement for us is to discover a maker who has mastered the old techniques and pushes its evolution into the current world of fashion.

Personally Hand-Curated

Everywhere we go, we seek out exquisite pieces. Works of the highest standards that are created, not manufactured. We have been fortunate to meet artists and designers who have shown us how sincerely they put their hearts and souls into what they do. These are the makers who make things the way they were originally meant to be made - to endure.

More than an accessory

The pieces in the Lesetta Collection are carefully selected. The investment in these works is not only financial, but also emotional. We source items that can complete an outfit and elevate a mood. Things you won’t see on everyone as you walk down the street.

Meet the Founder

My career began in the African safari business many years ago, a venture that led ultimately to my exploring similar operations in Argentina. That experience, combined a few years later with living in Italy, led me to knowing that exploring the world would be a priority for me. Over the years, I have treasured most the artisanal pieces I have purchased during my travels, exceptional items that weave high fashion and fine craftsmanship. To find these uniquely beautiful things, then, has become my obsession.

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